Making Art Without a Body

My co-founder Nadja Oertelt interviewed the artist Rachel Rossin a few months ago:

NO: Do you think VR is uncomfortable enough that it will prevent us from staying in those spaces for too long?

RR: Yes, and I hope that virtual reality doesn’t get better. I think it should stay uncomfortable and ugly and awkward. The fact that it’s uncomfortable is a good thing for now. The risk with VR turning into something easy or something that feels like a part of our body, or even when it’s no longer screen-based—that’s where I start to get a little uncomfortable. Because I think that’s when it will become an experience where people start forgetting how to walk.

I love the idea that discomfort is an intrinsic quality of VR: either it’s the discomfort of using it for long periods, or the discomfort with the potential for it to become so comfortable that it’s easy to get lost in.